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Damon & Jamie

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Posted by Jason, 21st April 2021

Who's Cheekier?

Looking for the same expression is actually very very hard!


Clean Shave

Apparently shaving your baby's hair doesn't improve its growth at the root.

We did it for Damon, so it was only fair to continue this tradition.


A* Student

Having mastered tummy time, rolling over, and even crawling, the next thing on the list should be sitting up by themselves and then walking.


Damon and Jamie love reading.

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

Dinner Time

Dr jekyll and Mr hyde.


What They're Best At!

Knocking us out!

Who's Who?

Jamie is definitely cheekier.

Damon had chubbier cheeks.

Damon chilli' on his back, almost skipped crawling altogether.

Jamie trying to escape, isn't into food whatsoever hahaha

Mama was much more tired.


We love taking the 2 of them out everywhere.
Damon's gonna have to help watch baby Jamie🤣🤣🤣

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