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BREEZY X Watch Professor

DEC 2020

A BREEZY chat with Carson “Watch Professor” Chan...


J: Jason

C: Carson


J: One watch that best suits 2020

C: I would recommend Sinn EZM 12. You can disassemble the entire watch and submerge them in disinfectant. They are specifically designed for medical personnel.


J:If you could only wear one watch for the rest of your life, what would it be?

C: This is rather a difficult question, because I would never want to just wear one. But if I have to pick, it will be the most expensive one, a Patek Philippe 6300A auctioned for CHF 31 millions in 2019.


J: As an avid watch enthusiast, which watch should one to start with?

C: I think one should start with an affordable mechanical watch, then you will begin to tell the difference between automatic and manual wind watches.

"If you could only wear one watch for the rest of your life?...
...It'd be torture!"
- Carson Chan

J: The biggest watch-wearing faux pas? 

C: One thing I really can’t stand is people wearing prayer beads, crystal bracelets or any other accessory on their watch wrist. Don't they know their watches will get scratched!


J: Upcoming watch trend?

C: Green and salmon colour is going to be a big hit. Also, for the past few years, 42mm, 44mm and 45mm were very popular sizes, but I think 40mm or under will make a comeback.


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