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Sarah X Little White

DEC, 2020

Make up that will leave an impression... even under a mask

A BREEZY chat with celebrity makeup artist Little White

S: Lipstick or Eyeliner?

L: Eyeliner! Especially during the pandemic, when everyone needs to wear a mask, eyeliner is even more important.

"To achieve a flawless base, the first thing you need to do is to moisturise in advance"

- Little White

S: What kind of makeup would you go for when you’re feeling down?

L: Bright and colourful makeup always cheers me up.

S: The most intolerable makeup situation you have encountered?

L: When it’s super hot, and you sweat a lot. The makeup simply won’t hold.

S: What’s the colour trend for coming season?

L: Makeup trends follow closely with fashion always! Last season’s pastel and off-white seemed to dominate the scene. However, this season will be the complete opposite. Lots of vibrant colours like red and yellow... We can try infusing these bright tones with our everyday makeup, maybe a bright eyeliner or try an orangey-red lipstick.

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