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Sarah X Tiffany Lui  

 "Yoga reminds me to let go of the things
I cannot control,
and focus on the things that I can"

For those who have never tried/done yoga, how would you describe it in 3 words

Grounding. Humbling. Rejuvenating. :)

Yoga for you is: emotional or physical ?

My yoga practice began as a means of physical rehabilitation. Soon after a couple of yoga classes, whether it was a physically demanding class or a restorative class, I felt a sense of lightness and calmness in me that manifested into the feeling of gratitude.

Even though my yoga practice mainly involves physical movement initially, it is more for my emotional balance and a source of distress.


Which is your favourite yoga pose, why?

I’ve got to say Forearm Stand, (Pinchamayurasana in Sanskrit) would be my favourite pose. A challenging posture that requires upper body strength, core, shoulder flexibility and a great sense of focus. This particular one took me around a year to get the hang of. I love that it can also be practised with many variations to keep things fun and playful. It gets my blood flowing while training my mind to be calm. I feel energized from this pose, and it brings me a great sense of accomplishment, knowing where I started from.

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How has yoga changed you?

Yoga has changed me immensely. I’ve always been extremely hard on myself and wanting everything to be perfect, I’m easily stressed and frustrated. Not only has yoga helped my physical health and got me limber, it has taught me how to face challenging situations with a more calm and clearer mind. Yoga reminds me to let go of the things I cannot control, and focus on the things that I can. It is a lifelong journey and I’m continuing to learn new things about myself everyday through yoga.

Whats the most meaningful thing that has happened to you when teaching yoga.

One of the most meaningful things that has came from teaching yoga is the connection my students and I have created together. Students have become friends. They are more of a teacher to me than I am to them. Seeing the progress in their yoga practice has been a great reward, which encourages me more to be a better teacher to them and myself.

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