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Shopping Notes
  1. Member Registration
Click "Sign Up" at the top right of the homepage to become a member. In addition, you can also choose to register as a member with Facebook / Google, which is convenient and quick.
"BREEZY" will use your registered email address as the main contact method. Please pay attention to your email account settings to avoid mistakenly classifying emails as spam and missing any important information.
  1. Shopping process
  • Log in to the website
  • Add items to the shopping cart
  • Go to the checkout page to enter personal information and shipping address*
  • Complete online payment  (you will receive an email confirmation from the system after success)
  • After receiving the user's order, "BREEZY" will arrange the goods to be shipped
When the "BREEZY" is shipped, you will receive an email notification, and the shipping specialist will contact you by phone within the next 2 working days to inform the delivery time (please refer to the delivery and shipping details).
*If it is found that customers including but not limited to impersonating others or providing any false information, using any technology to attempt to hide the use of multiple accounts, abusing offers in any way, or having multiple bad purchase records, "BREEZY" reserves the right to terminate any account or Cancel the order without notice. "BREEZY" also reserves all rights of investigation.
  1. Check my order status and past shopping records
After logging in, you can move your mouse to the upper right corner of the page (where your login name is displayed), and then click "Orders and Reviews". You can view all your ongoing and past order records on this page.
About Payment
  1. Payment Instructions
After completing each transaction, you will receive a transaction confirmation email. Please check your e-mail account, including spam and junk folders, to ensure that the mail is not filtered. You can also check the confirmation of the order transaction in the member area or check the status of the order in the "Order History". If you confirm that you have not received the email and failed to view the message confirming the order transaction in the message center, it means that the payment has not been successfully completed.
  1. Payment Method
 Payment Method
 Credit Card
 Applicable cards:
 VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
  1. Order settlement currency
If the order is settled by credit card/cash on delivery, it will be settled in Hong Kong dollars (HKD).
  1. Is it safe to pay by credit card?
Absolutely safe. Because credit card companies use encrypted servers to process related payments, and credit card information will not be stored in our servers. We will also do our best to protect your personal information from being disclosed and misused during the payment process, and make all commercial efforts to protect your privacy. For details, please refer to our "Privacy Policy Statement".
  1. Why do I have to enter the verification password when I pay with a credit card?
If you see the system automatically pop up the "3D verification" window during payment, it means that your credit card bank has added "3D verification" security services, such as "Visa Verification™", "MasterCard SecureCode™", "Safekey" and "ProtectBuy". Therefore, when you use a credit card to make a purchase, you need to enter the authentication password to complete the payment. This additional authentication process prevents your credit card from being illegally used when shopping online, and strengthens protection.
  1. What is my credit card 3D verification password?
Your personal verification password is set by you registered in the issuing bank. If you forget the preset password, please check with your issuing bank.
  1. How to distinguish payment problems?
If there is an interruption on the payment page, the relevant transaction time will require more time to verify. Please check the "Order History" after about 15-20 minutes to confirm whether the order was successfully paid. If the transaction is not successful, you will receive an email notification of "Transaction failed to complete". Please enter the shopping cart again to complete the shopping and payment process again. When the system confirms that the order transaction is successful, the delivery and payment details you have checked will be displayed as "paid. In stock".
If the online payment transaction of the order is unsuccessful, the coupon used in the failed payment order will not be deducted.
About Delivery and Freight
  1. Shipping Notice 
Shipping costs for local orders are as follows:
Consumption amount after discount
Below HK$300
HK$300 - HK$599
Above HK$600
  1. Delivery scope, time period and order cut-off time
The shop's daily cut-off time is 6 pm, and the customer will receive the goods within 2 working days after the successful payment on the order confirmation page. Our delivery day is Monday to Saturday, and the delivery time: it depends on the logistics situation.
Order time
General delivery time 
(Monday to Saturday)
Monday to Friday before 18:00
(Orders placed after 18:00 will be processed on the second day)
Within 2 working days
Weekends and public holidays
Within 3 working days
If there is no elevator to the delivery address or delivery via stairs, we will charge an additional service fee per floor, except for underground collection.
Restricted time delivery is adopted in the following areas, except public holidays: (i) Tung Chung, (ii) Ma Wan, (iii) Discovery Bay, (iv) Airport.
Delivery date
Delivery time
Tung Chung
Every Monday to Saturday 
12:00 - 21:00
Ma Wan & Discovery Bay
Every Monday to Saturday
12:00 - 16:00
Every Monday to Saturday
12:00 - 21:00
Delivery service is temporarily not available in the following areas: Outlying Islands (except the Airport, Ma Wan, Discovery Bay and Tung Chung), Airport Expo, Cheung Chau, Disney, Peng Chau, Lamma Island.
  1. Authorize others to collect goods
Generally speaking, we need the consignee to sign for the goods to complete the delivery. If the consignee fails to sign for the goods, we must first obtain the customer’s consent and confirmation before placing the goods in front of the door or at the management office according to the customer’s requirements. /Reception. If the shipment is lost or damaged due to the customer's request to be placed in front of the door or collected by the management office/reception office, "BREEZY" will not make any compensation for this. If the order is for door-to-door delivery, please fill in the recipient's name and contact phone number in the order recipient field.
  1. Unsuccessful delivery/change delivery arrangement
If the delivery is unsuccessful on the same day, in order to deliver the goods to the home as soon as possible, the delivery specialist will arrange the next fastest delivery time. Please pay attention to the call of the delivery staff.
Changes to the delivery arrangement are not accepted after delivery. If you need other assistance, you can contact the customer service representative.
  1. Lost package problem
After the package is sent, we will not be responsible for any lost or stolen packages. The order will be sent to the address you provided. If the address you provide during the order processing is incorrect, we will not be responsible for the additional costs incurred by the lost or returned package.
  1. Special arrangements affected by bad weather or road conditions
The delivery service will be postponed when the gale signal is hoisted, the red or black rainstorm warning is in effect, or we judge that the delivery is unsafe. We will contact you to change the delivery date.
Overseas Shipping
  1. Support area, freight and delivery time
We will charge extra freight, and the freight is charged by weight according to different countries and regions and different products. (Individual freight discounts need to refer to their terms and conditions).
The countries that accept the order and the estimated delivery date are as follows:
Stocking time (working days)
Estimated shipping time* (working days)
Total shipping time (working days)

Note: Due to the COVID19, all overseas shipping times have varying degrees of delay. The logistics status and required delivery time are constantly updated. Please pay attention to placing an order.
"BREEZY" is delivered by Hongkong Post and Quantium Solution. If you choose our designated overseas postal company to post the order, you accept and fully agree that the postal company will handle all shipping matters. "BREEZY" will not bear any legal responsibility for the delivery process of the postal company and the standard terms and conditions of the shipment.
*Transportation time is for reference only. We will try our best to arrange the delivery efficiently; however, the delivery time of the goods will be affected by the delivery laws of individual regions, customs, logistics arrangements, weather and local or local public holidays. We are not binding and will not be liable for any losses caused by delays.
**Liquid, Cordyceps and Lingzhi products do not support overseas shipments. Please contact info@breezy.com.hk for consultation before placing orders for other products. If there is an unsupported product in the order, we will arrange for you to cancel the product and the corresponding shipping fee.
  1. Overseas shopping process
If you need to make overseas purchases, please fill in your overseas address at checkout. The system calculates the overseas shipping fee based on the order weight. If the system fails to settle the shipping fee, please contact info@breezy.com.hk for shipping fee consultation.
Free shipping on orders over HK$1,000 in Macau area. If the total weight of the order exceeds 3KG, an additional fee will be charged, and freight charges will be consulted through customer service.
Please note: Cash on delivery is not applicable to overseas shopping processes. If you select cash on delivery when shopping, we will contact you as soon as possible and follow up the payment arrangement. If you fail to contact you or receive payment within 7 days, your order will be automatically cancelled.
  1. Settlement currency
The prices shown on the website are in Hong Kong dollars (HKD). All orders will be settled in Hong Kong dollars (HKD). If you use a non-Hong Kong dollar credit card for payment, additional exchange rate charges may apply. For detailed charge information, please contact your credit card issuer.
  1. Change or cancel overseas shipping arrangements
Sorry, any order that has successfully completed the payment process and once confirmed as "paid" status cannot be changed or cancelled.
  1. Customs Information
Your order may need to go through customs procedures, which may result in exceeding our estimated delivery time. When the goods are delivered to the destination, the local customs will assess the tax on the package, and you may be responsible for import duties and taxes. You will be responsible for all customs clearance fees. For details, please contact the local customs authority.
When ordering goods, the orderer must clearly understand in advance the laws and regulations of the country/region where the customer is located, etc. and the prohibited goods. In case the ordered goods are confiscated in the country/region, the company will not We are not liable, and the company cannot refund the purchase price and delivery fees to customers for these reasons.
The company will not be liable for any delays in delivery due to customs clearance or customs clearance procedures.
  1. Lost/returned package
After the package is sent, we will not be responsible for any lost or stolen packages. The order will be sent to the address you provided. If the address you provided during order processing is incorrect, or the recipient fails to pick up the package and needs to re-send it, we will not be responsible for the loss or return of the package. Additional cost.
About Returns, Refunds, Exchanges And After-Sale Protection
  1. Return and Exchange Policy 
If you find that the product is damaged, incomplete packaging, suspected of quality problems or wrong delivery after receiving the goods, please keep the photo record and email it to the customer service staff (info@breezy.com.hk) and we will respond to the situation within 30 days Replace the product or refund for you.
After we confirm that the product status meets the requirements of the return policy, we will notify you of the return application status as soon as possible. At that time, please follow the instructions to send all packaging materials, including the original packaging, "BREEZY" HK box, receipts and related goods, to our company.
Please note that each order only accepts one return or exchange. Any request for return or exchange due to personal reasons will not be accepted, and any damaged goods due to personal reasons cannot be returned.
  1. Return shipping fee
If the goods are purchased because the total bill is less than $600, and the corresponding freight is paid, and then the goods are returned for any reason, the paid freight will not be refunded.
You must bear the shipping cost of the returned goods. "BREEZY" will pay the shipping fee for re-sending after replacing the product.
  1. Refund method and amount calculation
After all the goods are successfully recovered, we will arrange a refund by a discount code (the price is based on the price on the day of order confirmation). We will also adjust all points earned or used at the time of purchase.
Under normal circumstances, it will be refunded based on the price of the goods you purchased at that time. If you purchase products with special discounts, such as buy 3 get 1, get $50 off the entire order, etc., the refund will be calculated as a percentage. The details are as follows:
Refund amount = final payment amount (after discount) / original order amount (before discount) x returned product amount
Manage Personal Accounts
  1. Change password
After logging in, you can move your mouse to the upper right corner of the page (where your login name is displayed), and then click "Account Information", where you can change your personal password.
  1. Forgot password
Click "Forgot Password" or click the "Login/Register" button in the upper right corner of the homepage on the homepage, and then click "Forgot Password" under the "Login" data entry field. Then follow the instructions to fill in your email address and click "Send Now". Our system will send you an email to reset your password.
  1. Change my personal information or register email
If you want to change the default delivery address and contact method, click "Edit Account Information" or click the "Login/Register" button on the upper right corner of the homepage on the "BREEZY" homepage. After logging in, click "Edit Account Information".
If you need to change the registered email, please email to info@breezy.com.hk, WhatsApp or call (852)3990-3146 to contact the customer service staff for your handling.