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Blackmores Superkids Multi Chewables

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99.5% sugar free formulation containing a daily boost of 18 essential nutrients to support kids’ healthy growth and development.


Vitamin A 175 µg RE,
Vitamin B1 284 µg,
Vitamin B2 550 µg,
Vitamin B3 6 mg,
Vitamin B5 1.5 mg,
Vitamin B6 534 µg,
Vitamin B7(Biotin) 25 µg,
Vitamin B12 0.75 µg,
Folic acid 50 µg,
Vitamin C 20 mg,
Vitamin D3 2.5 µg (100 IU),
Vitamin E 10 mg a-TE (15 IU),
Calcium 5 mg,
Iodine 75 µg,
Iron 1.25 mg,
Magnesium 5 mg,
Manganese 12.5 µg,
Zinc 1 mg


  • Suitable for Children who are growing
  • Pack size : 60 Chewable Tablets
  • Usage : Children 2-12 years: Chew (do not swallow) 1 tablet a day with meal, or as professionally prescribed.

Children tend to suffer vitamin deficiency for various reasons during their childhood. Vitamin deficiency is common in children as they have fads with food, fussy eaters or have poor appetites. Their bodies tend to lose out on important nutrients due to this. According to the Centre for Food Safety, environmental pollution, over cultivation and excessive use of fertilizers leads to nutrients loss in soil. Consequently, lowering the nutritional value of food by 10% to 50% in recent years and increasing the risk of pesticide residues in food as well.
BLACKMORES® Superkids Multi Chewables helps to supplement their diet with all-rounded vitamins and minerals, including:
Vitamin A: Improve eyesight and skin health
Vitamin B1: Promotes your child’s appetite
Vitamin B2: Important nutrients for growth and cell regeneration
Vitamin B3: Helps your child obtain energy from food
Vitamin B5: Beneficial for skin repair, wound healing and tissue cells.
Vitamin B6: Supports your child's nervous system
Vitamin B7: Promotes healthy skin, hair and nails
Vitamin B12: Effectively reduces tiredness and increases vitality
Vitamin C: Improves your child's immune system and improves gums
Vitamin D3: Promotes healthy bones & teeth
Vitamin E: Protects cells and increases vitality
Folic Acid: Promotes brain development and enhances immunity
Calcium: Supports healthy strong bones
Zinc: Supports body’s defense system
Iron: Aids red blood cells production
Manganese: Helps improve memory
Magnesium: Supports child’s metabolism
Iodine: Maintains healthy functioning of thyroid system

No added gluten, yeast, milk derivatives or preservatives. No added artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. Sweetened with naturally derived ingredients. Contains soya beans and sulfites.
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