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Capris Rose Sparkling wine

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Colour: A sparkly bright pink colour with cherry red shades. A cheerful wine with little bubbles that rise in chains. Aroma: A pleasant bouquet of raspberry, cherries, wild berries, cranberries and red currant. Taste: In the mouth, you discover notes of fresh berries and red fruits such as raspberries, cherries and red currant, complemented by pleasant soft bubbles. Serving temperature: 6–8 °C Ability to age: Up to two years. Food and wine pairing recommendation: Capris Rosé is an excellent sparkling wine for socialising and can be served as an aperitif or as a companion to fresh berries, salmon, paella, summer salads, mozzarella with tomato, watermelon with fresh cheese, seafood, poultry, light pasta and risotto …

Country of Origin: Slovenia

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