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Emay Plus

Emay Plus All-In-One Detox Massager

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Equipped with warming (42℃-46℃) and vibration function, it helps to speed up blood circulation and strengthen the absorption of essence; its freezing function (13℃-15℃), which can reduce swelling, minimize pores, calm redness and irritation. Use the extra-large double wave head to closely follow the contours of the face and body parts, with a vibration frequency of up to 8,500 RPM, starting from the face, and then aiming at the lymphatic and acupoint reflection areas of the body to enjoy a private lymphatic drainage massage.

Country of Origin: China


  • Body Weight: 150g
  • Size: 128 (L) x 86(W) x 26.4(D)mm
  • Vibration: 8,500 / per minute
  • Colors available:
    - Avocado Green
    - Lilac Purple
    - Ash Blue
    - Hello Kitty White (Special Edition)