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Ensure Guard

Ensure Guard Metal Handy Mister with one 100ml Refill Set *Limited & Special Edition*

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  • The Metal Handy Mister is a Limited Edition item. Two colors Champagne and Noir are available. 
  • $538 for Handy Mister only.
  • $688 for Handy Mister with Engraving Service. 
  • It will take at least  10 working days to complete the order from purchase to delivery. ( for both with / without Engraving Service)
  • Customize Engraving Service can be added.
  • T&C for Engraving service:
  • - This is only available with English letters and numbers (within 6 characters). The font size will be fixed like the reference photo on this page ( example name: RAHRAH). BREEZY reserves the right to reject engraving requests if they believe it to be inappropriate, e.g. languages that contain indecent, negative, aggressive content.
    - Customers are required to confirm the words to be engraved. No return or redo in any form is permitted if they are dissatisfied with the final engraved outcome, font, or for any other reason(s).
    - Engraving service will require BREEZY to open the seal to the original packaging of the paper box. We will ensure that all items inside the box will be sent to the customer with nothing changed.
    - Engraved products may require at least 7 working days turnover from the date of purchase to delivery.
**This item ships to Hong Kong only**

Country of Origin: Hong Kong


All natural ingredients from Australia and New Zealand


Suitable for all people
Pack size: 100ml

Product specification

Size:                                123x40x23.5mm

Battery capacity:            ≤500mA 

Water tank capacity:     16ml

Charging current:           ≤300mA 

Charging voltage:           5V 

Charging time:                around 2 hours 

Net weight:                      Metal range around 85g

This compact Handy Mister is a perfect daily companion to carry around, with its sleek sliding cover design that can be easily operable by a simple flick with a finger. The mister’s unique design is custom-built to optimize the effectiveness of Ensure Guard’s nano-properties through emitting an ultra-fine mist to a wide surface area. This not only minimizes consumption, effectively extending the usage of each refill, but also provides full coverage disinfection and sterilization to any personal, environmental and object surfaces.

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