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Long & Curl Mascara Super Waterproof

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  • Contains 5mm long- fiber, with a super dynamic lengthening effect even on short lashes ; each lash is up lifting and distinct, and will not form agglomerates.
  • The arc-shaped brush helps to lift up and lengthen lashes; the moment lock formula and Shape- memory polymer can keep the eyelashes curl throughout the day.
  • The super-protective polymer is sweat, tear and sebum proof with long-lasting effect and not easy to smudge.
  • Contains beauty essence ingredients including Camellia oil, Royal jelly extract, Argon oil and Rosehip oil to protect the lashes and prevent from breakage.

Country of Origin: Japan


Pack size: 6g

Lift up lashes from the base with the concave side of the brush, then fine-tune and shape with the convex side. Keep applying upwards without moving in “Z” direction to get a defined finish. To get better result, use lash curler beforehand, and apply additional coat before the applied mascara dries out.

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