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HEROINE MAKE Micro Mascara Advanced Film

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  • The ultra-slim triangular mini brush head perfectly adheres to the root of the eyelashes, easily apply to both ends and lower eyelashes.
  • It can be used on top of regular mascara or use alone to create a dedicate and natural makeup effect.
  • It combines the advantages of "super waterproof mascara" and "film type mascara". The super-protective polymer is sweat, tear and sebum proof. It can be dissolved easily by general cleansing products.
  • The moment lock formula and Shape- memory polymer can keep lashes curl throughout the day.
  • Contains beauty essence ingredients including Camellia oil, Royal jelly extract, Argon oil and Rosehip oil to protect the lashes and prevent from breakage.

Country of Origin: Japan


  • Pack size: 4.5g
  • Apply on eyeline area. If the liquid does not come out, close the cap with the pen head down and shake the pen. Use facial cleanser for removal if needed.

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