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HEROINE MAKE Speedy Mascara Remover Nn 6.6ml

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  • The new formula can dissolve the waterproof mascara quickly and thoroughly. It can instantly clean the lashes with gentle application. Rubbing is unnecessary to reduce the burden of eyelashes.
  • Newly improved round comb brush head can apply on the root of the eyelashes and remove the mascara easily.
  • Non irritating formula which does not contain ionic surfactants, spices, pigments and alcohol. Allergy tested and suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Including ginseng extract, camellia oil and wild rose hip oil, and newly added almond oil, argan oil and royal jelly extract, remove makeup while moisturizing the skin and prevent breakage.

Country of Origin: Japan


Pack size: 6.6ml
Apply appropriate amount from the base of lashes in dry condition, then wipe off gently with cotton, or rinse gently with hand.

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