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Tahi Manuka Honey UMF 10+ 250g

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Sweet and mildly tangy, smooth & creamy with a clean, pure finish.

- Guaranteed to be at least UMF™10+
- Maintain healthy digestive system
- Boost immunity
- Soothes upper respiratory symptoms
*Heating may affect manuka effectiveness


100% Honey
No additives or sugar


1) Weak immunity
2) Respiratory health
3) Gut and digestive health
4) Constipation
5) Poor skin condition
6) Ovo lacto vegeterian
Tahi Manuka Honey UMF10+ is ideal for everyday eating – by the spoonful, as a spread, or to add sweetness and flavour to smoothies and juices. Note: heating Manuka honey can affect its unique properties.

One of our most popular honeys: moderately sweet yet tangy, creamy yet complex, with beautifully balanced flavours unique to our pure, untouched Northland location.
Made from the nectar of New Zealand’s native manuka flowers, Manuka honey is revered for its unique medicinal qualities and has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. What’s more, emerging research shows that it’s even more active than previously known – make a beeline to www.umf.org.nz.
UMF is a global standard that measures the purity and quality of Manuka, which scientific research proves has unique, naturally occurring antibacterial properties not found in other honeys. Tahi Manuka honey has a UMF rating of up to 23, which means it’s as pure and authentic as Manuka honey can get. So you can be sure that you’re getting a real honey of a honey.
The UMF® trademark (Unique Manuka Factor) is your guarantee that our honey is authentic New Zealand Manuka honey, containing all of the unique, natural properties that makes Manuka honey so sought after around the world. All of our honeys are free from GMOs and GE, with no added sugar or water or chemicals.