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Tom's Farm / HBAF

Tom's Farm / HBAF Dry Roasted Honey Butter Cashew Nut (210g)

$52.00 $48.00

Tom’s Farm brand is a famous dried fruit almond brand in Korea.

Insist on carefully selecting high-quality fresh foreign nuts, providing almonds, cashews, walnuts, macadamia nuts and other nuts.

The entire line of products is produced and manufactured in accordance with international high-quality standards (products have obtained ISO and HACCP professional certifications).

Using special dry baking technology, low temperature and slow fire dry baking.

Country of Origin: Korea


Cashew Nut (tree nuts), Starch Syrup, Sugar, Honey Butter Flavoured Seasoning【sugar, processed butter powder, processed salt, honey, sweetener(E951) 】, Honey, Vegetable Oil(corn, soybean), Emulsifier(E322), Herb Extract.


Suitable for all people

Pack size: 210g

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